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  • Tell me about your online policies and terms of use.
    By visiting this site, you are consenting to share basic information about how the site is accessed by visitors as well as information required to complete online purchases. We only share your information with third-party services used to provide the functionality of online transactions and communications. Additionally, all visitors are subject to all of our policies and terms of use, while Nismo Fiesta and staff reserve the right to change these at any time. Any online purchase of tickets and/or merchandise assume you agree to our liability waiver for all events, which states: By participating in this event in any capacity to include but not limited to showing at, participating in, purchasing items from, or attending ZSport/Nismo Fiesta is at your own risk; You knowingly and willingly do so at your own risk. ZSport/Nismo Fiesta, its members, event coordinator(s), agents, officers, officials, and volunteers, all sponsors and vendors will not be held liable for damages or injury. By attending the event you agree to not hold any of the named or anyone else associated with the event liable for any damage, loss, injury, or anything else you, your property, or your guests may sustain or incur by participating in, or attending this event. By participating in the event you agree to allow us to use photos that are taken at the event, for possible promotion for future shows, website postings, the current show and or for fund raising purposes now and in the future. Visiting, interacting, or purchasing from or with our Supporters, Donors, and Vendors is at your own risk as well. Please make sure your vehicle is PROPERLY INSURED and you OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS on your way to, from and when on the event grounds. Please drive slow and safely when entering, parking and exiting all event areas. Please be respectful of other attending the event and the surrounding neighbors. NO burnouts, alcohol, illegal substances, loud music, racing, or reckless driving or behavior will be permitted or allowed at the event. If you see an unsafe condition or notice any type of problem or potential problem notify the event security or the San Antonio Police Department. Nismo Fiesta also reserves the right to change tickets and packages at any time. We no longer allow refunds for any online ticket or merchandise purchases. If you are no longer able to make use of them, we would be happy to assist with gifting to another person. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your online purchases need to be transferred.
  • How are classes determined for the car show?
    Award classes are generated based off of pre-registration. If a NISSAN / DATSUN / INFINITI model has 4 or more pre-registered attendees, a class is generated for that vehicle. For example, if 5 Nissan Maximas and 6 Nissan Altimas are registered there will be 2 classes. However in the opposite situation, if 5 Infiniti Q50s register but only 2 Infiniti Q60s register there will only be one class created.
  • Are there any discounts for Nismo Fiesta registration?
    You can save money by pre-registering for the car show. Registering day of will cost $10 more than a pre-registration entry.
  • What do I need to participate in the Autocross Event?
    You'll need a Drivers License and a helmet. Motorcycle rated helmets are acceptable. You must be 16 years old with a valid drivers license. Permits do not count. If you are under 18 years old you must have parental consent. Parental Consent Forms can be picked up at the trailer.
  • What happens when I arrive at Autocross?
    1. Sign the Waiver: As soon as you arrive on site either at the gate or the trailer. This includes both drivers and spectators. 2. Register : As soon as you arrive on site you'll want to go check in at the trailer. The people working registration will get you entered into the computer and help find out what class your car falls under. 3. Tape : After you've registered and gotten your car Class and Number you'll want to label your car as such. Numbers should be at least 8" tall and letters should be at least 4" tall. Don't use blue tape on a blue car, white tape on a white car, etc. Make sure the numbers and letters are legible and don't make a 5 look like an S and vice versa. We have tape provided at the event either in the trailer or in Tech Inspection. 4. Prepparing your car : You will need to remove the driver's side floor mat and remove all loose items in the car before heading over to Tech Inspection. 5. Tech Inspection : Once you've registered and added your Number and Class to your car you'll want to bring your car over to the Tech Inspection area where they'll check for items such as wheel bearing, seat belts, gas pedal return, etc. You can view the full list here.
  • What can I expect at the Opening Banquet?
    Dinner will start promptly at 7:00pm and run until 9:00pm. Racing will start at 9:00pm and run until 10:00pm. There will be a presentation at the Opening Banquet to review the schedule for the weekend and provide information related to events as well as a short Q&A session. There will be door prizes only available to be given out at the Opening Banquet.
  • I am not racing at the Opening Banquet. What else is there to do?
    There is an observation area where you can watch your friends drive around the track, a huge gameroom with arcade games, bowling lanes, laser tag and of course a bar where you can grab a drink or two while catching up with all of your friends. Come on out!
  • I am going on the Hill Country Cruise. Do I need to pay for passengers?
    The cruise event is a per driver cost for your cruise packet. Any passengers are free, however they do need to sign a waiver for the event. All participants are responsible for their own lunch purchases.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for the Hill Country Cruise?
    Check the air in your tires, check your oil and make sure that you have a full tank of fuel. If you have a 2 way radio, bring it!! It will make the experience much easier as you are able to communicate with your cruise leader. If you do not own one and want to purchase one we suggest the BAOFENG. Here's an amazon link in case you're interested.
  • Will the weather impact any of the events?
    NISMO Fiesta will happen no matter what. All events will continue to occur as scheduled.
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